& Outdoor Classrooms

Our Bandstands, Gazebos, Pergolas, Outdoor Classrooms and Playground dividers are becoming increasingly popular. They create a peaceful and cool social area, away from the more active play areas.

All structures are available in a variety of sizes. Our outdoor classrooms, stages, story circles and amphitheatres can be used all year round. We design the outdoor areas to ensure that all areas of learning in the curriculum are fully covered.

Designed shelters

These products could be included in school travel plan (designed to bring about a change in home to school travel patterns, to cut congestion and pollution and allow many more pupils to take a regular exercise.)

The shelters will make waiting more comfortable in bad weather. There should be appropriate shelters and loading bays where buses load and unload. By including these facilities and catering for walkers and cyclists in your school travel plan you may be able to obtain funding for improvements.

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